Sledgehammer Dent
Fixing healthcare one dent at a time
Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE for short) was formed in 1995 to make a dent in healthcare — deliberately harnessing the power of health information to enhance the practice of medicine.
The road is littered with startups and large organizations alike who trumpeted their intentions to “revolutionize healthcare” — only to have this audacious objective slam headlong into a brick wall. We are using a sledgehammer for the task, relentlessly swinging to make a dent day- after-day, incrementally improving things for patients and those who care for them.
Today, MIE serves as the innovation engine for business units that serve hospitals and health systems, physician practices, Fortune 500 employers, government agencies and consumers. MIEs web-based health information technology platform is helping physicians, nurses, administrators and patients make a dent, and a meaningful difference, in healthcare delivery across the globe.
Ahead of the cloud
Our heads were in the cloud long before “cloud computing” became a term of art, and we focused on web-based applications to advance the practice of medicine from our inception in 1995. Today, our applications are deployed on a SaaS basis to support clients around the world.
A powerful, interoperable platform
MIE has developed a flexible, configurable computing platform that enables its business units to deploy the appropriate assets required by their client communities. Unlike competitive offerings cobbled together courtesy of acquired technology, the MIE platform has been developed, maintained and enhanced in-house using a single, unified architecture.
The first MIE commercial offering was an early entrant in the Health Information Exchange space, with a network designed to support electronic continuity of care among hospitals, practices and others providers. From day one, interoperability was part of our organizational DNA, and today extends to standards-based data exchange with labs, medical devices, HIEs, insurance carriers and other healthcare data sources and consumers.
What we do